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Mulch Films

The mulch films can modulate the temperature of the soil, either increasing or decreasing it. The range of mulch films to choose from afford the right mulch for the right crop at the right season.

Opaque Films

Black: when laid with close contact to the soil can heat the soil, if the contact is loose then it will have the opposite effect.

Black- Grey (Silver): Reduces extremes and also prevents the scorching of plants and fruit. This is a superior choice over black. With the added advantages such as the repeling of Thrips.

Yellow - Brown: The yellow attracts aphids and white fly away from the plant thus delaying the infestation by insect borne viruses, and damage to the plants by these insects.

Black - White: The coolest mulch available suited to hot summer climates.

Photoselective: This mulch allows near infra red rays through to heat the soil and at the same time prevents the germination of weeds, the heating is less than clear mulch but in weed infested lands this is the answer.

Clear Films

Polydak: Polydak more meters for less weight ideal for cucurbit cultivation in the early season, in conjunction with herbicides this also affords protection against weeds for a limited time.

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